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Custom Rubber

We manufacture all compounds and sizes to meet all of your requirements, from ASTM to Military specifications. We stock millions of standard parts in hundreds of different oring sizes and compounds. "We teflon coat, and package per your requirements", NSF-61 listed compounds.


has excellent mechanical properties compared to other elastomers. It has very low resitance to weathering and ozone. We have an NSF-61 listed Nitrile compound.


offers excellent ozone, weather and abrasion resistance, as well as low temperature. It is not compatible with oils and fuels. See NSF-61 listing.


has the best combination of chemical compatibility, high temperature range and excellent compression set resistance. We use only Dupont's® Viton to guarantee complete compliance with the toughest ASTM and military specifications. Viton is not compatible with glycol base brake fluids, ammonia gas and alkalis.


offers the broadest temperature range, from -75°F to 450°F. It has excellent compression set, ozone resistance and great immersion properties. As a group, the silicones have low tensile strength and poor tear & wear resistance. Silicone is not compatible with gasoline.

RPM Compound List

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