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RPM Products - a World Class, Global Supplier of Rubber, Plastic, & Metal Products.
  • Rubber stock processes include custom rubber mixing, molding, extruding, die cut & lathe cutting. Parts include O-Rings, dense and sponge molded parts, gaskets, washers, & stampings. Standard & custom sizes and compounds.


  • Plastic stock processes include injection molding, extruding, blow molding, die cutting, and plating. Parts include, washers, gaskets, tubing, custom extruded profiles, tubing, fasteners, nuts, bolts, screws, fittings, etc. Standard & custom.


  • Metal processes include stampings, cold head forming, screw machined, extruding, etc. Parts include stampings, washers, hardware, s-hooks, screws, hex nuts, wing nuts, bolts, chain, hooks, hog rings, clips in steel, brass and copper.


  • Plumbing Parts, we stock thousands of Rubber, Plastic & Metal plumbing parts. Rubber washers, stoppers, gaskets & O-Rings. Plastic molded parts. Metal nipples, stems, screw machined parts, stampings, castings. New Catalog Available Now.

RPM Products, Inc.

23201 Antonio Parkway

Rancho St. Marg, CA 92688

Phone: 949-888-8543
FAX:    949-888-8544

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